Production Music

Sifare Publishing makes available a constantly updated Library of Production Music: we offer our enormous original productions for every kind of artistical/musical requirements.

Soundtracks for:

  • Movies
  • Short Films
  • Tv Series
  • Tv Shows
  • Advertising/Commercial
  • Wedding Videos
  • Web Sites
  • Companies Compilations (CD Premium)

Write us if you want to receive all of our latest original productions: it’s free!

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Sifare Publishing will help you find the perfect syncronization for:

  • Movie Trailer
  • Tv Series
  • Tv Commercial
  • Tv Shows
  • Web Sites
  • Exhibitions and Events
  • In-Store Radio
  • Radio and Web Radio

After having consulted our catalogue, and before you reach Sifare Publishing, please be certain that you have estabilished these important informations:

  • Track name, author, catalogue number
  • Purpose of use
  • Country of allocations
  • Time of use

Send us an email to if you need more informations or if you are ready to start a sync request.


Sifare Publishing, and all of the labels associated, has a great group of  distribution connections like Itunes, Amazon, Cubomusica, Deezer, Beatport, Youtube and Spotify.

We plan our publications all over the world (more than 200 Countries) on more than 100 online stores.

Symphonic Distribution is our Partner: we easily reach out every main platforms of digital music distribution. We work to promote and distribute our music efficiently, quickly and with a strategic pianification.


Sifare Publishing presents a special service of promotional activities, especially on Digital Marketing. Our team of digital consultants analyse every music project and choose the perfect strategy to promote and distribute them on the right direction. We are particulary oriented on Digital and Social Media Marketing strategies.

We offer the creation and/or implementation of digital contents, connected with the specific music project and oriented on satisfied the Artists necessities of promotion.

Some of these services are:

  • Creation/Management of Spotify Artist Page
  • Creation/Management of Youtube Artist Channel
  • Creation/Management of Vevo Artist Channel
  • Creation/Management of Social Media Pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Digital Advertising
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